Meet our team

Our school would not be possible without the dedication of our team members.

Our Team

Bevon Findley, B.S.

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Bevon is our Dean and instructor who was a training officer in the Navy creating tech manuals to educate new sailors while serving on the USS Wasp.


As a Digital Marketing expert in New York City, Bevon helped create an in-house educational platform to teach college graduates, interns, and new employees on Coding, Photography, Videography, SEO, Graphic Design, and more.


As a Digital Marketing expert in Florida, Bevon was part of a team that created an education platform to educate medical patients on behalf of doctors, nurses, and hospitals.


Now as a 6 year CBD veteran, Bevon has created a Hemp education platform called to help Hemp Brands educate their customers. also powered Choices RVA, the first Black-Owned Hemp School in Richmond, Virginia.

Jessica Holmes, B.S.

Jessica Holmes B.S.jpeg

Jessica Holmes B.S. is an educator who specializes in helping students find innovative and sustainable ways of learning. She is an alumnus of Virginia Union University, and her area of expertise include Biology and Computer Science. She is also Certified in Cannabis Horticulture


She first discovered CBD after a car accident. While using CBD, she noticed that it helped relieve pain from the injuries of the accident. 


Hemp CBD helped with her healing journey after she used it to work out every day. Jessica has since evolved into a Cannabis educator and Pilates instructor focusing on helping people heal the mind, body, and spirit. 


CBD has helped her become a better teacher by decreasing her pain and stress levels. She looks forward to teaching and educating the masses on the healing benefits of Cannabis.


Nashaye “Shaye” Bowser

Nashaye Shaye Bowser.jpeg

Nashaye “Shaye” Bowser, our infusion expert, graduated high school with a chef certification from high school. While she specializes in baking, it’s nothing in the kitchen she can’t infuse.


In April 2018, Shaye was involved in a car accident that left her in the hospital for about two weeks with every bone broken in her right foot, fractured her ankle, bruised lungs, and a fractured right eye socket. 


With a heavy dislike for pain meds, Shaye was introduced to CBD gummies, which she realized not only helped with the pain but also sleeping. 


Seeing how CBD helped her with pain, healing, sleeping, and anxiety, Shaye started infusing several things in the kitchen, testing different methods and recipes. 


Started Sweet Nothings by Shaye in 2016. Attitude Adjustments RVA was born in 2019. 


She was a special vendor at Pharrell Williams' "Something in the Water" event!! 


She is looking forward to helping others create fun and exciting ways to enjoy CBD in the kitchen.  

Jessica Reed, B.S.

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Born in Charlottesville, Jessica has spent most of her adult life in Virginia. Her educational background includes a degree in Information Technology specializing in Web Design. Her technical roles have included Web Designer, IT Developer, and Publisher creating web-based content and technical resources.


As a Virginia Commonwealth University graduate, Jessica also journeyed into the Health & Wellness field, working in clinics, labs and obtaining specialized certifications such as Certified Laser Aesthetician. 


Coupled with her love for the outdoors, Jessica spent years running in marathons, various charity races, and mud runs, which led to chronic knee pain and injuries. As a Certified Pilates and Group Exercise Instructor, this left her searching for a holistic approach to healing and natural ways to manage pain and teaching practical ways to move and relieve discomfort. 


She learned more about CBD products to ease carpal tunnel pain within the holistic health field. This is where the journey into plant education began to open the door to alternative healing.


Fast forward to today, Jessica has been studying and learning about all things hemp! Her love for food styling and event planning has led her to pair with her passion for hemp and bring people together for plant education and fun!


Events that will encourage the community to get involved in the industry, establish their hemp brands, and come together to enjoy products for both leisure and medicinal purposes.