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Hemp, Cannabis sativa, also called industrial hemp, a plant of the family Cannabaceae, is cultivated for its fiber, edible seeds, and cannabinoids.  Hemp is a term for cannabis applied by the government for mostly industrially-produced cannabis meant for non-psychoactive use.

The products hemp produces include rope, clothing, jewelry, bags, textiles, paint, building materials, insulation, varnishes, paper, foods, drinks, inks, fuel, solvents, diapers, shoes, packaging, body care, and more.

Our courses, events, and workshops teach how you can benefit from the Hemp plant both as a consumer and as a business owner.


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Cannabis Compliance


Choices RVA INC Educational Hemp School offers an exclusive compliance course that explains the history and the attention to detail according to the cannabis laws in the State of Virginia. Choices RVA INC is also the only cannabis educational school in VA that is certified in teaching responsible vending business compliance. 

Cannabis Infusion


Learn to infuse your own favorite foods. This class will teach you how to properly infuse food products with cannabis extractions such as CBD, THC, CBN, and more. In this course, you will learn how to decarboxylate and how to save money.

Cultivator Program 


Welcome to Choices RVA INC Cultivator Program where you will learn hands-on skills to be the best in the industry. We strive to build a team of cultivators that can grow with us and become their entity. Once you finish the program we will decide as a team if we will recruit you for our advanced venture. We are looking for an elite team that can represent our company professionally and install grows at home or outdoors.

Does my state allow me to grow Hemp legally?


The link below will allow you to select your state and verify its compliance: 

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