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Accessibility is a crucial focus of our educational program. We believe that people should have the CHOICE to enjoy locally-sourced cannabis products and develop a connection with the growers and businesses supporting our local economy.


Success Stories

I took this course earlier this year and it was the best investment I have made in a long time. The instructor brings his wealth of knowledge on the topics of CBD, Marketing, Lab reports etc. I have applied this course to enhance my business in which I will incorporate CBD with my products.


Choices RVA continues to offer his support and assistance to me so that I am successful with my business. If you want to learn this business from the top to bottom, front to back, and behind the scenes then this course and the support and assistance you will receive will far exceed the price you will pay. The knowledge you get from this class will allow you to travel so many different avenues of this business.

- Tanya Brinson


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